Kure-It Biblical
Healing Oil


Kure-It Biblical Healing and Anointing Oils.

Kure-It biblical healing & anointing oils are made using only the purest Frankincense, Myrrh resins & extracts of herbs. Using an ancient knowledge of the process, we infuse the incense smoke from the resins directly into the actual olive oil itself for delivery by topical or oral use. The result is a super anti-inflammatory ointment with amazing pain relief properties.
"The secret things belong to the Lord our God, but the things that are revealed belong to us and to our children forever, that we may do all the words of this law." Duet. 29:29.

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Kure-It Biblical Healing Strength Guide

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Kure-it Rx8 Anointing oil is 100% maximum strength

Kure-it Rx4 is 50% strength.

Good Samaritan anointing oil (Rx2) is 25% strength.

Kure-it Rx1 is 12.5% strength.

Face-it Fx1 is 12.5% strength.


Good Samaritan Oil for anointing & healing Shape

Witness God's true power found within nature for yourself. Seek truth & faith in the biblical instructions for caring for the sick (james 5:1, Mark 6:13, Luke 10), and for anointing oneself and others. Comfort wounds & ease pain from aches for yourself and others with biblical the best anointing oils made from God's word.

"once people have knowledge of real natural medicines, the lies of the poisoners become evident for themselves "

Prof. Gordon Pennington

At twice the strength of the Kure-it Rx1, you will find this product perfect to carry with you in your journey of truth. Get freedom from unnatural drugs, and take your power back from the worlds unnatural remedies which cannot heal. Put your faith in God's instructions, left to be revealed in these dark days of deception, spiritual and medical fraud. Good Samaritan healing and anointing oil is also great for relaxation of the body and mind.

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Note From A Founder

  I developed Kure-it based on biblical evidence of healing oils being used by God's people. I have only discovered its uses by trying it on everything I came across.....

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